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Submission Requirements

Youth across Canada will compete by creating inventive solutions to real-word climate challenges. Take the challenge solo or assemble your team of up to five teammates and prepare for your planet-saving invention creation journey!

Future Innovators (Gr 1-3)

Garbage Sheek Challenge

As earthlings, we produce a lot of waste in our everyday lives. The Garbage Sheek Challenge tasks you with creating something new and imaginative from materials and items that could be considered garbage.


Recycled doll costumes out of old wrapping paper, musical instruments out of cardboard, the possibilities are endless!


Dream big and let your mind run wild; what’s old can be new again.

What are the judges looking for?
Simply submit 2 photos: 1 of the team’s blueprint/plan and 1 of the finished product.


Future Protectors (Gr 4-5)

Fortune Teller Challenge

Ever wonder what the Earth will look like deep into the future? In the Fortune Teller Challenge, we ask you to consider what life on Earth would look like in 200 years if everyone worked together to reduce climate change and protect our planet.


What invention could you dream up to better the world around you?


Think big and let the creative juices flow!

What are the judges looking for?

1 Sentence describing future life on Earth. 1 Sentence detailing the invention to help save our planet. 1 photo of the blueprint for the invention design.

Future Leaders
(Gr 6-8)

The PSA Challenge

The fate of our planet rests in the hands of us all. In the PSA Challenge, we ask you to think about what we can do as a global community to make the biggest impact possible. Whether it's the sea ice deterioration of Northern seaways or extreme drought conditions in the prairies, our world as we know it is in need of our help.


This challenge tasks you with dreaming up a public service announcement (PSA) that can focus on a key issue impacting our climate in today’s world. This PSA can consider new inventions, policies, and any other solution your team sees fit to address the issue at hand.


It’s time to save the world - are you up for it?

What are the judges looking for?

Submit 1 sentence describing the problem and its impact; PSA submission (script or video) and solution submission (1-2 sentences describing solution).

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