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Enter your Greenovation Challenge submission by July 16, 2023!

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Calling all Greeniuses!

Are you ready to become an environmental superhero and make a real difference?


Join the CMSA Greenovation Challenge; 

a thrilling STEAM competition designed to challenge and inspire young minds to create innovative solutions and take climate action.


With exciting prizes up for grabs, you'll have the chance to showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills while learning about the latest technology and science in environmental conservation.

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Teams of youth across Canada will compete by creating inventive solutions to real-word climate challenges. Assemble your team of up to 5 teammates and prepare for your planet-saving invention creation journey!

The Garbage Sheek Challenge
The Fortune Teller Challenge

Future Innovators (Gr 1-3)

Teams must take materials considered garbage and transform them into something new again.


Submission will be photos of a blueprint or plan and of the physical design.


Future Leaders (Gr 6-8)

Teams in this division are challenged to learn about a way climate change

impacts their community. The team will then work jointly to create a PSA for their problem in scratch or physical format before discovering a solution to their problem.

Submission will be a script or video of the Public Service Announcement.


Future Protectors (Gr 4-5)

Teams must think about what the planet Earth might look like in 200 years and what invention might help reduce the impact of climate change.


Submission will be a physical design that shows what future earth looks like.

The PSA Challenge

Here's How It Works...

Focusing on sustainability, technology, and teamwork,

CMSA's Greenovation Challenge is the perfect way to make a positive impact and inspire others to take environmental action! 

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge to save the planet? 

To enter the challenge, follow the steps below.
Still have questions? Send  us a message!

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Assemble your
fellow "Greeniuses"

Apply your STEAM knowledge

Upload your submission by July 16

Form a group of up to 5 members with a coach (teacher, parent or support person), and review the requirements for your division.

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Our judges will review the entries

Your team will design innovative solutions to tackle real-world climate challenges.


Prizes awarded to winning teams

Review the judging criteria and submission process of your division and submit your imaginative ideas to us!

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Keep the creativity going

This is our favourite part - we can't wait to see all of your creative, Earth-saving ideas!

You & your team could WIN a Samsung  Galaxy Tab A7 & a prize package from CMSA!

There's many small changes we can all do everyday to nurture our planet. Keep going, you Greenious, you!


Send Us Your Submissions

Select from the links below to submit to the CMSA Greenovation Challenge on or before July 16, 2023 to be entered to win!

Challenge FAQs

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Accepted File Types

The upload file field on the submission page supports these four file types:

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Audio

  • Documents 



What is the Judging Criteria?

Our judges will evaluate each submission against a developed rubric that can be viewed here. 


Do I need a coach?

Yes! Any parent, teacher, guardian or friend can help organize your team, help with ideation, and upload your submission.


About Canadian Minor STEAM Association

Curious. Connected. Creative.

We believe that STEAM programs should be as fun and engaging as hockey, dance, gymnastics or soccer. Science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) learning should surround children with a supportive community of coaches and cheering parents.

Canadian Minor STEAM Leagues have it all – teams, coaches, a bit of competition and all things STEAM with a healthy dose of fun.

Explore our programs and find out how we are creating STEAM-powered programs with a minor sport model.

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